03 April 2007

Can't See 3D

How to See 3-D -- It Takes Two Eyes to Tango!

In order to view 3D stereo images (in the Spy Kids 3-D movie, 3-D posters, pictures, books, etc.) you must have two eyes that work together as a coordinated team. Two working eyes are definitely required! Check your equipment before continuing.

Looking in the mirror to make sure you have two eyes and that they are both open is NOT an adequate inspection of your 3D viewing equipment. If you are having trouble seeing 3D, this might mean that you have problems with your binocular (two-eyed) vision or stereo vision (3D vision).

Consider testing your own binocular vision with The Framing Game and The Eye Hop Game for starters.

If you are having a really hard time seeing 3D movies, pictures, etc., have your vision checked by an optometrist who specifically tests binocular vision. You can locate a binocular specialist through Find a Doctor.

Even if it turns out that you do have a problem with your two-eyed vision, don't worry! severe visual disabilities which make seeing in 3D difficult or impossible. This group includes those who have lost an eye or only some of those with medical diagnoses of amblyopia (lazy eye) or strabismus (eye turns -- "crossed eyes" or "wandering eyes"). In MANY cases, two-eyed vision (binocular vision) can be improved with corrective lenses and/or vision therapy. Less than five percent of the population have

According to Dr. Jeffrey Cooper, ""It is often asked at what age should treatment no longer be attempted [for amblyopia or strabismus]. The answer is, everyone deserves a chance! Age should not be a deterrent to treatment."

If you're having problems seeing 3D, take the time to find out if a vision problem may be the cause. Binocular vision problems are more common than you might think. At least 12% of people have some type of problem with their binocular vision.

Why Stereo Vision?
Stereo vision is a normal part of human vision and you've got to have it in order to see 3D illusions and have normal depth perception. To learn more abut stereo vision, read Dr. Jeff Cooper's explanation of the Evolution of Two Eyed Vision at All About Strabismus.

Spy Kids 3-D Falls Flat for Kids with Eye Problem

Are you or your kid wondering what everyone is oohing and aahing about while watching the Spy Kids 3D movie? Does watching Spy Kids 3D seem confusing or give you headaches?

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