03 April 2007

Dominat Eye Test

Dear badminton players,

Even though you use both eyes as you see the world everyday, everyone has a dominant eye - one that works harder than the other. To figure out which eye is dominant for you, try this simple test.

  1. Find something to use as a target on a wall about 10 feet away from you. You can use almost anything as an object to focus on.

  2. With both eyes open, stick out your arm with your elbow extended and your thumb up.

  3. Place your thumb so it appears to cover your target. Ideally, the focused object should be something that your thumb can cover.

  4. Now, close your left eye then your right eye while watching your target.

Your target will be visible beside your thumb through one eye and hidden by your thumb through the other eye.

The eye that sees the thumb covering the target is your dominant eye.

Download "dominant eye" test card

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