15 November 2007

Shuttlecock Projecting Machine


The shuttlecock projecting machine is used for badminton training. It is designed so, that a player can practice badminton on his own, by being served continuosly and automatically with a plurality of shuttlecocks, individually in the desired strength, frequency and position so that a player can practice different strokes.The machine operates with electr/mechanical devices and is not complicated so that the manufacturing costs are kept low. The benefit of the machine compared to others is that it operates with only electrical supply and those not need other supplies, have wheels so it can be moved around on the court and set easily. The machine is silent and operates practicaly with no maintenance and running costs.


I Love Sport, I love Badminton said...

Wow...where you get this information?? I newly heard this thing and i guest the machine that help to practice increase skill in badminton was never been build, but after see this posting i really now that badminton now has become more modern and easy for player. I one of person who like badminton too, so i hope that Indonesia have this machine to increase skill of player and defeat China team. Are you agree?? Thanks

Lefidus Malau said...

by googling ...